at the afonso pena international airport - curitiba

Welcome to Curitiba ! To get in Pontal do Sul is necessary to first go to the roadrail, for this you can use a taxi or bus , both listed below with the appropriate information. You can use currency exchange at the airport. For more information access:  CWB AIRPORT WEBSITE



Av. Rocha Pombo, 2730 – Águas Belas – São José dos Pinhais – PR

+55 (41) 3381-1515


Rádio Táxi Cidade 

+55 (41) 3333 3333

Rodo Rádio Capital

+55 (41) 3264 6464 / 0800 6006666

Rádio Táxi Curitiba

+55 (41) 3376 7676 


You can use the app for smartphones:

executive airport Bus

Where to buy the ticket?

- In the airport: customer service module on the outer area of the airport, located right off the exit door (follow signposts). You can pay with cash or debit cards.


-In the center of Curitiba or roadrail : Payment of the fee must be made directly with the driver and in cash only


+55 (41) 3381 1326 / +55 (41) 9817 9666 

Price: R$ 13, 00


For more information: executive airport bus

in the roadrail - curitiba or Pontal do sul

To arrive in the city where you will be taught the course you will need to buy bus ticket through the company Graciosa . If you need transportation in Pontal do Paraná use the other information listed below. 

viação Graciosa ltda

Bus Line between cities

Contact: +55 (41) 3213-5511

SAC: +55 0800 8801315

Rua Joquei Club, 188, Prado Velho, Curitiba

Company Website


transportation in city - Pontal do sul

Disk táxi - Pontal do sul

Contact Marcos Ihon by telephone:

+55(41)9591 2380

+55(41)9201 7572

Ponto de Embarque, Pontal do Sul, Paraná

Oceânica sul Transportes

City Bus in Pontal do Paraná


Contact: (41) 3458 2189

Rua Estoril, 924, Praia de Leste, Pontal do Paraná


Bus Schedule