Training Team

Each core issue will be under the responsibility of Training Leaders (TL) and will be complemented by Invited Speakers (IS), as follows: 

  • Ocean Governance (Coordination Prof. Dr. Alejandro Gutiérrez Echeverría) TLs – Prof. Dra. Carmen Artigas – Prof. Dra. Frida Armas-Pfirter – Prof. Dr Carlos Murillo – Prof. Dr. Alexander Turra

  • Ocean Sciences (Coordination: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Marone) TLs – Prof. Dr. Alberto Piola – Prof. Dr. Carlos R. Soares – Prof. Dr. Osmar O. Möller
  • Geoethics (Coordination: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Marone) TLs – Prof. Dr. Eduardo Marone

COURSE  DIRECTORS (2016-present)

training Leaders (2016-PRESENT)

Invited trainers and speakers - BRAZIL TC 2016

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  • All the Directors, Leaders and Invited Speakers are participating pro bono at the Training Course.