Preparations for the travel

Before traveling it is important to visit your doctor and inform her/him of the destination to take preventive measures. Bring with you the medicines that you usually take, because you may have trouble finding it, but don't forget to respect the transportation standards and regulations used for international flights. Avoid traveling if you do not have a good health condition. Inform the organizers if you have some special need before departing. We strongly recommend you to travel, always, with a Health Insurance.


"I need to be vaccinated to enter Brazil ? " Brazil has no vaccination requirement for travelers. For added protection of your health, it is recommended to keep updated your vaccination card.

Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika Virus

Regardless of your destination or reason for travel, it is important that travelers adopt measure to reinforce their protection against the Aedes aegypti, such as applying repellents, keep doors and windows closed or install screens, wear pants and long-sleeved shirts, etc.


For more information:


Informations on diseases

During your stay

Some care needed during your stay. For more information access:


The Sun

Brazil is a country with a tropical climate so we must be careful regarding sun exposure, use protective sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids is essential.


The feeding

Not all sites have water tap for own consumption, so try to consume purchased mineral water and avoid taking water from rivers or tap. Make sure you stay tuned for the cleaning of environments, avoid eating dubious origin food and always wash your hands.


Accidents with animals

In the event of an accident with jellyfish or caravels use seawater for initial relief, then proceed to wash with 5 % acetic acid (eg vinegar) without rubbing the injury. It is important not to use fresh water to not increase the poisoning. Seek medical assistance

Useful phones

For more information on health care and recommendations for travelers visit: saú

health unit pontal do sul

Address: Av. Atlântica, s/n

Phone: (41) 3972 7049


Emergency mobile care service: 192

Health unit ipanema

Address: Street Estado do Rio, s/n

Phone: (41) 3972 7071

24-hour service

Address: PR 407, km 19

Phone: (41) 3972 7120 



General ombudsman SUS : 136

health surveillance

Address: Av. Sebastião Caboto, s/n

Phone: (41) 3972 7047 / (41) 3972 7125


Unit Praia de Leste

Address: Rodovia PR 412, 442 - Praia de Leste, Pontal do Paraná

Phone: (41) 3458 5858


Unit Paranaguá

Address: Av. Gabriel de Lara, 550 - João Gualberto

Phone: (41) 3424 9717