Local Tourism

Ilha do mel

Occupying an area of 27.5 km², the Honey Island is a paradise consisting of long trails, beautiful beaches and Atlantic Forest. The access to the island happens by boats, so cars are not allowed inside the island. The island is divided into Nova Brasilia and Encantadas which are arranged several hostels, camping sites and restaurants. The main points are visiting the Fortress, the Lighthouse of the Shells and the Grotto .


South Pontal Boarding Terminal
Alameda do Café, s/n (41) 3455 - 1144

Visiting Hours

Daily from 8:30 am to 10pm

mangrove municipal natural park of rio pereque

With an area of 16,2 hectares, the natural park was created to preserve the ecosystem of mangroves. At the headquarters of the park they held various cultural activities related to environmental education. Visitors can make the trail Micuin (665 meter ) and know the mangrove ecosystems and sandbank.



+55 (41) 3972 - 70521

Visiting Hours

Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12pm and from 1 am to 5pm

Paranaguá Aquarium

Currently the aquarium has 23 tanks with more than 500 animals of various species, also has exhibition space, snack bar and gazebo. The aquarium also develops services and activities related to the management and conservation together with other institutions.



Rua Calle Antonio Bittencourt, Paranaguá, PR  +55(41)3425-8063

Visiting Hours

10am to 6pm

train Ride - Curitiba to morretes

The Curitiba - Paranaguá Railway was completed in 1885 and has 110 km long, because of the challenges of construction, largely for its winding path through the Serra do Mar, it is considered a work of art. The trip goes through preserved areas of the Atlantic Rain Forest and lasts about 3 hours on the railroad which carries 127 years of history.


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